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Buying and Selling Clash of Clans accounts

Some Clash of Clans users Buy and sell accounts from many sites and Facebook pages but buying and selling any clash of clans account is illegal. Clash of clans doesn’t allow any user to buy different accounts. I have seen many people being scammed on many Facebook groups.

Why you should not buy Clash of Clans Account?

There are a few reasons for not buying a clash of clans accounts. I will try my best to explain to you so you should not get a ban or scam.

  • It’s Illegal to Buy or Sell Accounts
  • Every Internet connection has its own IP address. When an account is being logged in on different IP address then there is a great chance of your account being ban. So avoid using Multiple IP addresses.
  • There are a lot of scammers that are waiting for you. I have seen a lot of people scammed. They send you fake screenshots. when you send them money they will block you.
  • If Luckily you get an account there are great chances of your account being banned due to change in IP address. If your account gets ban then there is not even a 1% chance of getting your account back.

I Recommend you not to buy any accounts.


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