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Clash of Light APK Download – Free Gems, Gold & Elixir

Clash Of Lights APK is the most popular private servers of the clash of clans on the internet which you can access easily. If you’re an avid player of clash of clans, you might have looked upon the internet for several of the private servers and clash of lights APK is one of them. In that case, you already know about the clash of lights APK. But if you are not a fervent player of clash of clan, you do not need to get worried as we will tell you about the clash of lights APK and its relationship with the clash of clans. Well, clash of lights APK is a private server on which you can play clash of clans but with different criteria and framework than the official clash of clan server. Well, if you are wondering why we even need such a private server such as clash of lights APK, it is because, with such hard rules and limitations, it becomes almost difficult to unlock achievements and items in the game on the official server. That is why we use the server clash of lights APK.

Clash of clans is a multiplayer strategy based game which is developed by a Finland based game developer. In this game, players play as the chief of their village, and they fight other clans and players for resources in the game. Some of the essential resources in the game are Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir. Sounds cool. Players have to fight other’s clans and engage in clan wars to get these resources and build their village and armies. 

Gathering such resources and building up armies and troops in a short amount of time is a taxing task and takes forever to do so. And there is no fun when you have to spend so much time on such trivial tasks when you could be busy fighting wars and building your fame. That is where the clash of lights APK comes into the play. Clash of Lights APK offers an unlimited supply of gems, gold, elixir and dark elixir to make your gameplay more and more enjoyable and exciting and to give you an upper hand in the community. But a question might arise in your minds that why we should use clash of lights APK when there are so many private servers outside in the world. Well, the answer is quite simple, clash of lights APK works through a third-party, and hence you cannot get banned as you would be if you use other servers. Clash of Lights APK works similar to the original game but it still not clash of clans. Thus you will not get banned when you play using clash of lights APK server.

Salient features of Clash of lights APK

Also, there are more of the advantages that you get by using the clash of lights APK servers. These features make clash of lights APK stand out in the market and make it as a better alternative to other normal APK. These features are as following:


Players will get a 100% uptime.

Players can create their alliances in the game, which is quite a lucrative thing.

As we have mentioned before, it’s 100% secure with no chance of getting banned.

You will get unlimited resources using clash of lights APK.

You will be able to make your village, train your troops and jump into the battle with far superior gameplay.

As we have said before, gathering resources in the game is a difficult task, but with the clash of lights APK you will get



How to download and what are the requirements?

Before you jump up to install the best server that is the clash of lights APK, there are certain things that you must take care of for a smooth procedure.

  • You must make a sturdy and robust internet connection
  • You must install the application manually
  • As for all the operations, We recommend WIFI for your compliance.
  • You might need to download the additional files so please don’t lose patience.
  • It might restart a few times during the gaming.
  • It may load several times, but it’s a price worth paying for since this server offers so much.
  • Last but not least, please check to allow the device to install the applications from unknown sources. You can do that by going into your cellphone’s security settings.

Now you must follow the following steps

  • Download the clash of lights APK
  • Allow download from unknown sources
  • Install the app, run it on your phone and let the setup to complete. It may ask you to enable the download from unknown sources again, but please activate it again.
  • Run the app after installation, and it still may ask you to download some additional files, so please comply.

It is a normal thing that it may restart a few times during the game, but it is worth the while. The clash of lights APK offers so much that it is just a small thing to overlook. We hope that you will enjoy all the unlimited resources and maximum security with no chance of getting banned.

Clash of Lights Apk
APKClash of Lights
VersionLights 11.65-2
Size120 MB
RequiresAndroid 4.0+
UpdatesFrequent Updates (UPDATED )

Different servers of Clash of lights APK

Following are the servers of the clash of lights APK with their unique features:

Clash of Lights S1:

The clash of lights S1 server allows the players to create their own unique and precise defensive strategy quite easily and quickly. As we have said before, there are no limitations on the resources whatsoever and the player can use as much of gold, elixir and gems as their heart desires. 

  • No limitations
  • No cost for buying resources
  • Unlock traps, dragons, archers and more
  • More than six hundred slots available.

Download APK

Clash of Lights S2:

The clash of lights S2 server is such an outstanding server that it can make gameplay many times enjoyable. Players will get all the features they were getting in S1 with an upgrade of using as much of Dark elixir as they want.

  • Private server for android users.
  • Create your uniforms for the army
  • Unmatched speed and accuracy
  • Create your unique buildings and legends

Download APK

Clash of Lights S3:

The clash of lights S3 server gives you all the benefits of the other servers along with the unlimited goods that you can purchase without any money. This server also offers a far superior gaming experience, and you also won’t need to root your cellphone to run it.

  • Create new characters with no limitations
  • This server has no lag with makes gaming so much better.
  • Maximum uptime 24/7
  • Setup your island tower, beast tower and legendary tower to solidify your defence because it’s a great strategy that protection sometimes is the best offense.

Download APK

Clash of Lights S4:

The clash of lights S4 server comes with all the benefits of the previous servers.

  • Unlimited resources
  • Join other clans and troops without any restrictions
  • No limits on troops and defences.
  • Maximum uptime with ABSOLUTELY NO interruption.
  • You will have access to your village anytime. 

Download APK


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