October Update: Is the Royal Ghost coming for Halloween?

October Season Challenges marked the official start of Clash-O-Ween in Clash of Clans. But besides the unique Skeleton King skin, Supercell hasn’t shared how else the action-strategy mobile game will celebrate Halloween. We know a game update is planned to arrive sometime this month. And similarly, Supercell hasn’t shared much about that either, except for the fact that it’ll remove the Global chat feature.

But what else can we expect with the October update? Spotted in the latest Clash of Clans trailer (below) was an intriguing new unit that some may recognize from Clash Royale. If you look closely, you’ll see a group that appears to be the Royal Ghost, one of the troops featured in Supercell’s card-based strategy mobile game.

Seeing as how both games in the “Clash” universe, a crossover like this isn’t uncommon. We’ve seen troops from Clash of Clans become units in Clash Royale and vice versa. But what’s unclear right now is if the Royal Ghost will be a permanent unit or just a temporary group for Halloween. The players on Reddit believe it’ll be brief for Clash-O-Ween and function similarly to the Miner, but instead of burrowing under walls, the ghost will float right through them. Some believe the Royal Ghost won’t be a new unit, but instead a temporary skin for the Miner.

In Clash Royale, the Royal Ghost spawns are invisible until it attacks the first unit. It sees the Royal Ghost is a new unit, whether permanent or temporary, it’ll be pretty fun to see how he impacts attack strategies.

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