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Top 5 Clash of Clans Layout 2021

Best Layout of playing clash of clans is very Important. By implementing these layouts you can make your village offensive and defensive. These are the top 5 Layouts for Playing Clash of Clans, help you to make your gameplay better.

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1-  A Town Hall Village Layout That’s Good at Protecting Your Gold Storage

You will need to adopt this layout if you are concerned with your Gold Storage

clash of clans layout 1


2-  A Town Hall 9 Hybrid Base for Clan Wars

This stage layout should do wonders for players engaging in multiplayer Clan Wars. The abundance of Hidden Telsa towers near the centre of your village will catch enemy troops off guard.

Clash of Clans layout 2

3- A Stage Layout That Offers Ample Protection for Heroes and Resource Bases

clash of clans layout 3

4- A Town Hall 7 Symmetrical Base Layout

Placing your Town outside of the perimeter of your village is risky, yes. But make sure you lay down some Hidden Telsa buildings and traps near it so no one will know what hit them. This base setup can be primarily used to protect your Gold/Elixir storage, so have some Mortars and Wizard Towers on hand for this one.

clash of clans layout 4

5- An Ultimate Town Hall 7 Layout That’s a Good Trophy Base

Trophy hunting players should adopt this layout if they have the necessary currency to do so. Placing your Walls in this way will give your placement of Cannons, X-Bow’s and Mortars a better chance of killing invading troops.

clash of clans layout 5

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